Welcome To Modern Driver Institute!

We’re happy to have you as a client!  First, please tell us a little about the person we’re going to be working with (if you’re a parent, please fill out the information for the student; if you’re an adult, please fill out the information for yourself).

When  you’re finished, click “submit” and your instructor will call to get you set up with your first appointment.

Please note: the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does not allow individuals with an out-of-state learner's permit to drive in Pennsylvania. As such, we are currently unable to offer services to students who are not PA residents.
I have read, understand and agree to the Service Terms and Privacy Policy.
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One thought on “Registration”

  1. Mike mentioned probably availability for lesson on Saturdays on November 8 and 22. The third probably good on December 13.

    Let me know and thank you!

    Angela Bleemer

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