Foreign Driver Orientations

Have you recently hired an au pair?  Are you hosting a foreign exchange student?  Does your non-profit or religious organization utilize foreign volunteers?

If you are giving a foreign-trained driver access to a family or company car this year, consider also giving them an orientation session with a professional instructor.

Driver instruction, training requirements and testing procedures are different from country to country.  Driving conditions and road rules also change, as do the typical habits of average road users.

Modern Driver Institute’s instructor Mike has been providing orientation sessions for foreign-trained drivers new to the US since 2011.  He has aided in the successful transition to American driving for individuals from four continents and dozens of nations.  One of our clients recently sent us this message:

“No accidents this year from any of our volunteers that just left.  That’s a relief for us and a reflection of your skills!”

A two-hour orientation session will familiarize new drivers to the unique hazards accompanying driving in Pennsylvania, including differences in rules of the road and threat recognition.  The cost for the session is $150 – far less than the potential cost of insurance claims if something goes wrong later.

To schedule, call us at (267) 772-8689 or complete the New Student Enrollment Form.

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