Our goal at Modern Driver Institute is to train safe, defensive drivers.

We’re less concerned with whether you pass the driving test on the first or second try (hey, everybody can get nervous), and more concerned with how safely you drive over your first year.

Few driving schools follow their graduates to see how safe they are – whether they’ve had any crashes or tickets – and those that do collect information anecdotally or by informal interviews.

Modern Driver Institute follows its graduates more formally – by monitoring their driving records from the Department of Transportation.  We are just beginning the process, as the first students are going through the learning process now, but we will be reporting statistical success rates on a regular basis here on our website.

Our goal is for 100% of our students to go the first year following completion of training without a single crash or ticket.  Since Modern Driver Institute opened its doors in 2014, a total of 71 students have earned their driving privileges.  To date, only one has caused a crash or received a moving violation.  98.59% of our students have continued driving after licensure without a single crash or ticket. 

We are not required by any agency, including the Department of Education, to track student performance following licensure, nor are we required to report our findings.  We do it because we feel this is the best measure of the quality of a school, and the quality of an instructor.  And we will continue tracking all of our graduates, and we will keep this number as accurate as possible.

Most driving schools don’t even track this data, and no other school reports it to the public.   In fact, most driving schools do not report publicly any data at all about student or instructor performance.

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