Online Programs

Modern Driver Institute is currently developing a number of online programs, including:

For novice drivers:

  • A complete 30-hour theory course, designed to meet or exceed USDOT and PA Department of Education curriculum standards.  Developed with constructivist theory in mind and geared toward students with learning difficulties, this program is rich with interactive games and assessment exercises designed to engage and challenge students while ensuring learning comprehension and retention.

For experienced drivers:

  • An online refresher course in defensive driving, designed to bring experienced drivers up-to-date with current research and technology, as well as sharpen up their safety habits.

For parents of new drivers:

  • An online course and workshop designed to give you more confidence supervising your teen during the learner’s permit period.  Familiarize yourself with the latest “do’s” and “don’ts”, current research and teaching methodologies.  A fun and easy “Don’t Panic!” guide to teaching your teen to drive safely.

These classes are currently in development, and we expect to launch them soon.  If you’d like to be notified when they’re available, please add yourself to our mailing list using the link to the left.

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