Driving Skills Assessments

As a traffic safety expert with professional experience in research, precision driving and defensive driving instruction, MDI’s founder Mike Mercadante has been called upon to provide professional assessments of an individual’s safe driving abilities for a number of reasons, including:

  • employee new hires
  • employees following an incident (crash or ticket)
  • young drivers following an incident (crash or tickets)
  • experienced drivers following a serious medical occurence
  • experienced drivers following a stroke or brain injury
  • senior drivers for skill maintenance

The drive is usually done in a vehicle similar to one the individual drives normally – their own car if possible (or work vehicle for employees).  An MDI car can be utilized if necessary.  The assessment is normally about an hour in length, and can be conducted right from the individual’s place of home or work.

Driver assessments can be requested by a treating medical professional, an individual’s employer or a family member, or even by the individual himself.  No prescription is necessary.  Services generally are not covered by medical insurance.

Assessments are kept strictly confidential – results are shared only with the individual, unless that person permits us to share a copy with her medical professional.  In the case of assessments as a condition of employment, the results are always provided to the employer.

For more information or to schedule an assessment, please contact us.

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