Pricing and Fees

Modern Driver Institute offers 2-hour driving sessions with a professional driving instructor who has years of experience as a traffic safety researcher and teacher.  Sessions are customized to meet the needs of individual students and to provide opportunities for them to learn and master critical defensive driving skills at their own pace.

Our fees are comparable or less than many other driving schools in the region.  The current prices have been in effect since July 1, 2016 and are listed below.

Enrollment Fees:

There is no fee for enrolling as a student.  You can enroll by clicking here.

Behind-the-wheel Training

Behind-the-wheel training is performed in approximately two-hour sessions.  Sessions are arranged door-to-door from your work, school or home, within our service area.

If you already have a session scheduled, you can make a payment securely here.

  • 2-hour driving session: $150.00

Theory Tutoring

Working toward a learner’s permit, but having trouble learning all the material to pass the knowledge test?  Modern Driver Institute offers private theory tutoring in your home or at a local meeting place (library, coffee shop).  Sessions are one hour in length and target a particular content area.  The number of sessions required depends upon the learner.

  • 1-hour private theory tutoring session: $75.00

Funding Assistance

Do you need help covering the cost of training?  Click here to see what help is available.


Because each of us learns differently, and acquires skills at a different pace, there really is no universal amount of time needed – the golden standard of 6 hours of professional training set back in the 1930’s is an obsolete model that does not reflect the cognitive complexity of modern driving.  Modern Driver Institute does not offer training packages requiring prepayment of large sums of money – instead, we use a “pay as you go” model, where clients only pay for the sessions they book, as those sessions are performed.

Nevertheless, as a private driving school licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Modern Driver Institute is authorized to issue a Certificate of Completion following professional training consisting of at least 6 hours.  This certificate can garner discounts from some insurance companies.  Please note that, under current PA law, student drivers on a learner’s permit are not required to be listed on your insurance policy or get their own insurance policy until they earn their license.

All sessions are conducted on an individual basis – Modern Driver Institute does not practice shared lessons (making you pick up the next student and share a portion of the time) as other schools do.


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