Driver Research

Part of the mission of Modern Driver Institute is to conduct and promote new research on the cognitive and behavioral aspects of driving.

Michael Mercadante, MS, serves as Principal Investigator.  He is currently working on his Ph.D in Psychology, and is exploring the nature of executive dysfunction in novice drivers with autism for his doctoral dissertation.  He earned his Master’s degree in Psychology in 2015.

Between 1999 and 2007, Michael Mercadante worked as a Research Associate in the traffic safety industry.  During this time, he contributed in various ways to several published works, including:

  • 2008: Consultant (Video Systems Specialist), A Pilot Study to Test Multiple Medication Usage and Driving Functioning. NHTSA Report No. DOT HS 810 980
  • 2006: (Contributing Author, Illustrations, Photography.) The Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual. PennDOT Pub 95 (9-06).
  • 2003: Stutts, J.; Feaganes, J.; Rodgman, E.; Hamlett, C.; Reinfurt, D.; Gish, K.; Mercadante, M.; Staplin, L. The Causes and Consequences of Distraction in Everyday Driving.  Annual Proceedings, Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine. 2003; 47: 235–251.
  • 2003: Contributing Author, Distractions in Everyday Driving (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety)
  • 2001: Gish, K., Mercadante, M. (06/2001). The Effect of False Forward Collision Warnings on Driver Responses. U.S.DOT/NHTSA Publication No. DOT-HS-809-418. Washington, D.C.
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