“Mike was a cool dude, with a lot of knowledge to impart.  He was involved and supportive throughout the whole experience.  I thought it was perfect just the way it was…sorry that doesn’t help you very much, but loved my experience”

“Mike helped me to know the rules, and also helped me in preparing for the driving test.   He is a good instructor.  He was kind and never got angry.”

“He taught me new things, things I didn’t know such as slowing down before heading into a curve and the conversations with Mike were interesting.  In all honesty, he did everything perfect.  I don’t know if he can do anything better.”

“I had an amazing instructor, Mike, who made me feel very comfortable and confident behind the wheel.  I really enjoyed the classes and learned so much from them.  Mike was a happy guy, not too serious.  He wasn’t bossy and he is great with communication. ”

“Mike was great!  He was very helpful and didn’t scream or yell like most parents do when their child is behind the wheel.”



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