Privacy Policy

Modern Driver Institute collects certain personal information on our clients in the course of conducting business and providing services.  We do not share any personal information with any outside parties, organizations or businesses.  Your privacy is important to us.


The following information is collected in order to provide services.  It is used primarily to facilitate training sessions and for communication, including scheduling appointments and information conveyance.   Driver ID number and birth date are collected for test appointment and confirmation purposes.

  • Student’s full name
  • Address
  • Phone numbers (home and cell)
  • Email address
  • Birth date
  • Driver ID number
  • Emergency contact information
  • Driving-related health concerns
  • School affiliation (if applicable)

Additionally, we also document the last four digits of the student’s social security number.  This is used to procure test appointments with the DMV on the student’s behalf if needed, as well as to track the student’s driving history over time in order to validate the school’s performance.  This information is never shared with anyone.

In keeping with Modern Driver Institute’s mission of research, we may share lesson performance data with other scientific institutions or other entities conducting similar research.  At no point will any of this shared data contain any personal information about individual students – all data will be stripped of any personally-identifying information before being shared.

Non-specific student information (demographic statistics such as age, gender and zip code) may be collated and shared with the Department of Education periodically in reporting school performance measures.


Modern Driver Institute’s training vehicle is monitored by an in-vehicle recording system, commonly referred to as a dashcam.  This unit records real-time video through the windshield of the road ahead of the vehicle.  The unit also records audio within the cabin of the vehicle.  No video recording is conducted inside the vehicle.

The primary purpose of this recording is to provide objective evidence in the event of a crash or collision.  In this event, the footage will be turned over to insurance companies and law enforcement agencies as appropriate.

In certain circumstances, the video camera may record something extraordinary ahead of the vehicle, which would be useful as a teaching material to future students.  In these cases, the video is copied without the accompanying audio.  There is nothing identifiable of the individual student in these videos.

Upon licensure, the instructor may ask the student’s permission to take a photo of the student with the training vehicle, for use in our “Graduate Gallery”.  These photos may appear on our website or social media, or in other promotional materials the school may create in the future.  The student will not be identified by anything other than first name in the photos – no other personally-identifiable information will ever be included with the photos.

From time to time, the instructor may take photographs of the student and the vehicle performing a particular maneuver or in a particular environment.  These photos are used for promotional purposes, and never include personal information of the student.

Last updated: 16 July 2016

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