The MDI Difference

Modern Driver Institute is NOT your typical driving school.

Modern Driver Institute is a new way to learn the road.  We base our training in the latest educational methodology and the latest scientific research on traffic safety.  We work with each learner as an individual, designing a custom experience based upon their unique learning style and environment.  No two people learn the same way, and good education should adapt to the ways students learn.  That’s our philosophy.  It comes from the fact that Modern Driver Institute was founded by a research psychologist and professional teacher.

MDI training incorporates constructivism, applied behavior analysis and game-based learning theory to make our programs both effective and fun.  We focus on training the cognitive aspects of defensive driving while ensuring proper practice of the physical skills needed to drive safely.  We train hard to ensure our students are ready for nearly anything they might encounter once they’re on their own, and we don’t shy away from challenging encounters.  Two-hour lessons ensure we get students onto roads they’ve never experienced before, so learning is enhanced.  A detailed review worksheet is completed following each session, with objectively quantifiable scoring that makes it easy to chart progress.

Most of all, we don’t shy away working with non-traditional learners – we embrace them.  Whether you’re 16 or 60, whether you’re just nervous or have serious anxiety about driving, we’re here to help by providing a relaxed, fun way to learn driving survival from someone who is highly trained and experienced.

We’re a non-traditional school that specializes in helping non-traditional students.  We’re a one-of-a-kind experience in driver’s education.  We’re getting better and more experienced every day, because we never stop learning to become better teachers.  And we’re here for you.

That’s the MDI Difference.  Where do you want to go next?

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